This week the boys get a little deep as they find ways to challenge their Mind Body and Soul.  While also challenging their palate with Two Roads Brewery’s Bog Wild, a sour ale brewed with cranberries and spices.  They start with Rob’s adventure to the RI Comic Con before diving into the deep end of the pool.  Well, jumping into the deep end, Brain Injuries are bad for the mind.





This week the boys try to figure out which is scarier Halloween or Politics.  They DEFEND your need to vote regardless of which candidate you prefer.  More importantly they discuss the down ballot items that will appear on RI’s Ballot.  You may not care who is running for POTUS, but you can directly affect what happens in RI.  So get out there and do it.

They also enjoy the 21st Amendment in more than one way, as this week’s beer selection is Brew Free or Die IPA from 21st Amendment Brewing.  They end with a brief outlook of what they’re excited about at this years RI Comic Con.

Music this week presented by Stray Bullets, as we feature “Public Enemy #1” and “New Prisons.”


Zombies!  With Halloween and the Walking Dead shambling towards them, the boys Defend their respective Zombie Apocalypse survival strategies.  They first enjoy a Saison aged in white wine barrels, an interesting delicious concoction from Two Roads Brewery.  Rule #1 of the Zombie Apocalypse is CARDIO so the boys discuss the best cardio routines.  We catch a little glimpse of Rob’s Magic the Gathering Strategy, before we dive into the Zombie goodness.

Keith felt bad about being an old man and missing a concert, so he enforced his will upon us and gave us a couple of gems from his Cardio Mix.  Previously talked about local punks, SoundOff and Senior Discount are those jams, as well as the bands that he slept through.

Episode 4 – A New Dork

Much like the rebels had to adjust on the fly to the Death Star approaching their base, we had to adjust to the vastly superior condenser microphone that overpowered our two other mics.  Please forgive the technical difficulties as we move up in the world of recording instrumentation.

This week the boys have their first guest, Frank, who has an obsession with Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy G.  Frank is pressed to Defend This!  Should the Patriots trade away Brady?!?!  The boys enjoyed the Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point and Music from Senior Discount.  This week’s Top 5 is Horror Flicks, as a Halloween Primer.


Revenge of the Dorks

No Music this week, so the boys discuss Von Trapp Brewing Company and their Helles Lager before moving on to Keith’s Trip to Boston to see Streetlight Manifesto.  They then discuss Reel Big Fish, who are playing Lupos, and how many times we have listened to “Turn the Radio Off.”  CM Punk returns to the conversation and we get a glimpse of Keith’s hatred of Blatant Money Grabs.  Need to get motivated to get off the Couch, Rob’s Workout Corner covers common motivation issues.


Current Beer Rankings

  1. Narragansett’s White Ship
  2. Von Trapp Helles Lager

Episode 2 – The Punk War


This week we open with a delicious beer choice, Narragansett’s Lovecraft Series Chapter 4 The White Ship White IPA. This fantastic blend of Belgian malts and El Dorado and Mandarina Hops was very much enjoyed by this geeky crew. We then followed up on Last week’s CM Punk in the UFC primer with a discussion of UFC presents: The Evolution of Punk. Most importantly we discuss SoundOff’s new Album “Guitar Zero” and have a discussion of the state of punk now versus our expectations from the 90’s punk revival. Polishing the episode off with a few tips on how to start the arduous journey from the couch to the cut, Rob’s guide to Personal Fitness begins here.

Want to hear more Soundoff, of course you do, check out the links.
Buy “Guitar Zero” here

Follow them here

Episode One – The Phantom Football


We talk local music, provided by Threat Level Burgundy (thanks guys!), UFC203 and CM Punk, and finally wrap up the episode with a defense of the “No Strategy” approach to Fantasy Football Drafts. Perhaps we spill the beans on the perfect draft strategy, perhaps we open the door to some prime dorkery. Let us know!

Please check out Threat Level Burgundy!

Please forgive some technical difficulties, we will lock these down as we progress.