Check Your Callouts

This episode the boys are joined by Drew and Missa from The Callouts.  A wide ranging conversation ensues, with topics ranging from beer and music to Balsamic Vinegrettes and obscure 1980’s cult films.  Listen in and find out, who are the Callouts?

This weeks Beer is Big Cranky IPA from Stony Creek.  It’s advertised as “extraordinarily drinkable”. We couldn’t agree more.

Music is brought to you by The Callouts….obviously.

Candere Conversation!

Brian, of Candere Photography, joins the boys this week and brings a sampling of beers from Proclamation brewing.  They defend the importance of paying attention to details, embracing your inner geek, and being brothers.  He also provides us with our first outtake.

Beer of the week: Proclamation’s Derivative, Simcow, Stalk, Tendril IPAs and their Ender, which is a sour ale.


Keep the change, you filthy Saison!

This week the boys are joined by an old friend, and current Coventry Police Officer, Randy Polion.  This stern fellow gives us a glimpse into the life of an officer, reinvents our beer rankings, and defends himself against a beer related insult.

Beer of the week: Robinson’s Trooper, a British beer brewed with help of Bruce Dickinson, Lead singer of Iron Maiden.