Zombies!  With Halloween and the Walking Dead shambling towards them, the boys Defend their respective Zombie Apocalypse survival strategies.  They first enjoy a Saison aged in white wine barrels, an interesting delicious concoction from Two Roads Brewery.  Rule #1 of the Zombie Apocalypse is CARDIO so the boys discuss the best cardio routines.  We catch a little glimpse of Rob’s Magic the Gathering Strategy, before we dive into the Zombie goodness.

Keith felt bad about being an old man and missing a concert, so he enforced his will upon us and gave us a couple of gems from his Cardio Mix.  Previously talked about local punks, SoundOff and Senior Discount are those jams, as well as the bands that he slept through.

Episode 4 – A New Dork

Much like the rebels had to adjust on the fly to the Death Star approaching their base, we had to adjust to the vastly superior condenser microphone that overpowered our two other mics.  Please forgive the technical difficulties as we move up in the world of recording instrumentation.

This week the boys have their first guest, Frank, who has an obsession with Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy G.  Frank is pressed to Defend This!  Should the Patriots trade away Brady?!?!  The boys enjoyed the Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point and Music from Senior Discount.  This week’s Top 5 is Horror Flicks, as a Halloween Primer.